Can Naturopathic Medicine Treat _________?

Naturopathic medicine can be applied to most acute and all chronic health problems. It can be used alone or in combination with conventional or other forms of medicine.

How Often Will My Appointments Be?

It depends. The frequency of visits depends on many factors including the individual, severity of symptoms, type of treatments pursued, level of support needed/wanted, ability to implement recommendations, etc. As a general rule of thumb, visits in the beginning are more frequent and decrease over time. A typical schedule may look like this: after the 1st visit, the 2nd visit may be 1-3 weeks later, at 4 weeks then every 8 weeks until your health goals are attained. After this point, patients usually come in once a year for an annual physical and seasonally (4x/year) to work on any concerns that have come up and to address seasonal influences on health.

Do You Treat Infants and Children?

We are currently not accepting new pediatric patients, but are happy to refer you to a local colleague.

What is the Difference Between Naturopathic Medicine and Conventional Medicine?

The fundamental difference is in our principles of naturopathic medicine. From these principles flow our many differences in the way we provide you with healthcare and the treatment options we offer.

Your visit time is scheduled solely for you so your wait will be very brief (if you must wait at all). During your visits, you will find that there is ample time to discuss your health concerns. I will ask for detailed information about your health to get to the root cause of your current issue. You will receive a full explanation of your assessment and treatment plan. As your ND, I will work with you to set and achieve your health goals. I will educate you so you can begin to understand the inner workings of your body and how to get it working optimally.

Is Naturopathic Medicine Covered by OHIP?

Naturopathic medicine is not covered by OHIP at the current time. However, most extended benefit plans provided cover naturopathic medicine. If you are unsure, contact your health insurance provider to review your benefits package.

Do My Acupuncture Benefits Apply to Acupuncture Treatments with You?

If you have acupuncture coverage, yes, though you will want to check with your insurance provider about how it will affect your benefit usage. Some insurance providers lump naturopathic and acupuncture in with other services and some separate these categories. Please note: I am both a registered naturopathic doctor and registered acupuncturist in Ontario.

What Forms of Payment are Accepted?

You may pay by debit, Visa, Mastercard or cash. All patients are required to pay for services rendered at the end of each visit. You will be provided with a receipt with all of the necessary information for your health insurance company. For reimbursement, submit the receipt to your health insurance company. Alternatively, direct billing to a dozen insurance providers is available:


Please bring the card of the primary policy holder (and secondary, if applicable) to your appointment.

Can You Order Blood Testing?

Yes, blood testing can be ordered for iron, thyroid, vitamin D, vitamin B12, cholesterol, and many more. OHIP does not cover these tests if they are ordered by a naturopathic doctor, however, many insurers do. My patients often choose to do these tests through me in the following scenarios: they are unable to access testing through other means; they require timely ordering and fast result reporting; or more comprehensive testing is required for diagnosis.

Do You Prescribe a Lot of Supplements?

No. My philosophy with recommending supplements is to use the least amount possible to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. I recommend supplements when indicated for a particular health concern, but I like to use food and lifestyle changes as my first medicines where possible. Ultimately, I have a discussion with my patient about the pros, cons and alternatives to any proposed treatment providing guidance and the patient has the final decision about what they feel is the best for them.

Do I Have to Buy Supplements from You?

No. In my practice, I recommend a combination of retail (can be bought at health food/grocery stores) and physician’s line products (can be bought from a naturopath). You are free to purchase your supplements anywhere you please. My in-office dispensary stocks certain products and my online store has a vast array of products – these options are available for patient convenience. You may only purchase supplements in my office or my online store if you are a current patient in my practice.

How are Naturopathic Doctors Educated and Trained?

Students have completed a Bachelor’s degree prior to admission into one of 7 accredited naturopathic colleges in North America. The applicant’s educational background must include courses in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, psychology and humanities. After a detailed application, interview and admission granted, the student sets out on their four-year journey of naturopathic medical study.

The four-year intensive program includes more than 1,200 hours of clinical experience and over 3,000 hours of classroom training. The main areas of study are biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, naturopathic therapeutics. Upon graduation from an accredited naturopathic college, the student must complete North American licensing examinations (NPLEX) as well as board examinations for the province or state in which the graduate will practice. When the student succeeds in passing both sets of exams, they must register with their state or province in order to practice naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine is a regulated health care profession in Ontario and has been since 1925. To ensure the naturopathic doctor you are seeing is registered to practice in Ontario, please visit the registry or call 416.583.6010.