The Top 6 Reasons Why I See a Naturopathic Doctor

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vis me·di·ca·trix na·tu·rae

/ˈvis ˌmediˈkātriks nəˈto͝orē/
The body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This week we are celebrating Naturopathic Medicine Week all across Canada. Some of you may already know my story about why I became a naturopathic doctor, so I wanted to share some new insights on why I continue to see a naturopathic doctor to work on optimizing my health.

1. Objective Perspective – Often times someone on the outside can offer you a new point of view you haven’t yet considered. In the middle of a dilemma, there may be a tendency to overanalyze, ruminate and go in circles. A new outlook from a trusted source can be just the thing you need to overcome a problem.

2. Self-Treatment is Lonely – The most frequently asked question I get asked from acupuncture newbies is if I use acupuncture on myself. The truth is, I have once when I had an injury and needed first aid, but for regular treatment, I see my naturopathic doctor (ND). There is something inherently healing about being cared for by another human being. That exchange of energy is important in the healing process.

3. Insight – Despite having the same educational background, we NDs have totally different experiences when working in the field. These unique experiences in our work help to inform our understanding of how human beings act, interact and react when it comes to their health. Having another person as a sounding board can really help with delving deeper into your health and achieving higher levels of wellness that you didn’t imagine possible.

4. Encouragement – Everyone gets in a rut at times. Life is busy, stress is on the rise, tough decisions present themselves – there are all sorts of obstacles that can lead to stagnation. Having a personal cheerleader to help you move forward again can be invaluable.

5. Accountability – It is great to get amazing initial results, but if you have trouble staying the course long-term, then chances are you will end up with the same problems again. Knowing that someone is going to check in with you to see how you are progressing and help you troubleshoot any issues is often times that missing key to staying on track to achieve and maintain great health.

6. Love and Compassion – I have had a few different NDs over the years with moving to new cities, and the one thing they all have in common is a deep sense of love and compassion for people. My ND has gone the extra mile for me when I was in need, listened intently during the hard times, and given me 100% presence and attention during our visits. My ND has helped me navigate rocky roads, overcome serious health obstacles and supported me to achieve the level of health that I enjoy today.


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Happy Canadian Naturopathic Medicine Week!!!

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