eBook Launch: Experience Your Full Health Potential

I am very pleased to announce my first e-book:

Experience Your Full Health Potential: A Beginner’s Guide to Naturopathic Medicine

This e-book is FREE and available to ALL. You can download it from my home page at www.drtara.ca. My intention is to share with you, the knowledge that has benefited me so tremendously in my own life. If only I knew all of this sooner…but, alas, this has been my path…

Our life experiences give us the raw material for personal growth and invite us to prosper and thrive. Life provides us with many teachers that come in a variety of forms.

Family: Our first teachers, to whom we are forever indebted, for their love and support during our formative years

Friends, teachers, coaches, mentors: and all the positive influences in our lives to teach us discipline, leadership and ultimately, challenge us to show our true colours

Adversaries: The less-than-positive people around us test our limits and present a unique, difficult challenge to become more tolerant and compassionate

The Hard Knocks: It’s often the hardest lessons in life that offer the most clarity and motivation to evolve as a person

This e-book is dedicated, with profound gratitude, to all of my teachers throughout my life that have given me guidance, support & encouragement to pursue my dreams.

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you can benefit from my e-book and find it to be a valuable resource.

Please share the love & knowledge!!

Yours truly,


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