Creating Joy – The How To’s of Meditation

Meditation is the experience of our inner world with our eyes closed. I will share some common steps to reach this state. However, it is important you try it for yourself to discover what meditation means for you in your life.

Positive Intention

Some people believe meditation is difficult and this is an obstacle for them. Meditation is actually quite natural and brings joy. Approach your practice with the intention of having a wonderful, happy experience and you will.

New? Try this!

If you are brand new to meditation, try this activity first:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Think of what your bedroom looks like. What does it feel like and sound like?
  3. Scan the room and note every object in detail.
  4. Open your eyes and review what you have seen.

You will notice after this short exercise that you have an inner sense of vision, that allows you to see without your eyes. This is experiencing your inner world. See? You can meditate!


Pick a place in your home that is peaceful and quiet. You can develop a little meditation corner over time that will help you to meditate daily.


Choose a position that is comfortable for you. Sitting is recommended over lying down so that you don’t fall asleep. The important part is that your spine is straight and you are comfortable.


Decide on an amount of time you have to meditate in advance. You may set a gentle sounding timer if you wish. If you have no set time, even better. You can stay in meditation and go where the experience takes you. If you find thoughts are plaguing you, take some deep breaths while focusing on your breathing. Notice all of your muscles relaxing one by one. In time, your thoughts will come slower and slower and then stop.


Don’t be discouraged if your thoughts won’t go away the first time you sit down to meditate. Just deep breath for the time you set aside. Once your thoughts stop, just stay there in that relaxed state and enjoy your experience.  If thoughts pop into your head, just observe them without engaging with them. If you get distracted, return to focusing on your breath until the thought is gone. Over time, your experience of inner silence will deepen and bring greater joy.

Meditation is an inner state of peaceful balance that we carry with us anywhere we go. You can meditate anywhere – on the bus, walking down the street or at work. Just go back to the present moment, and bring about that state of calm that you have been cultivating during your meditation sessions. It will get easier and easier with time.  This practice will serve you well at every given moment of the day.

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